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Leon Laskowski

I am 24, born in Cologne but grew up in the country, now living in Lausanne, Switzerland, starting my second year of the Bachelor of Industrial Design at the ├ęcal.

I don't know if I will ever turn into a real designer, even if I will end up working in another field in the future I think I will still be happy, but for now all I enjoy the most is trying to improve in school and learn as much as I can from friends, books, professors and fellow students.

I am generally really enthusiastic about people who produce, and I love to engage in and help them with their projects in case I dispose of the capacities required. For the sake of curiosity and experience I have interned with several Designers and worked for some people before taking the decision to study design myself. Among those were Kwangho Lee, Nacho Carbonell, Victor Hunt Designart Dealer. I highly appreciate all their willingness to 'hire' me and grant me an insight into their work and profession.

This website shall be considered as a starting point for my evolution and shows an overall view on my general output.
The title "A Portfolio of Leon Laskowski" gives a promise I am constantly working on to comply and fill with the respective substance.

Internships and Work Experience:

Setup&Sales for Victor Hunt Designart Dealer presenting "Raw Egdes, from flat to full + Maarten de Ceulaer, balloon bowls" at Qubique Design Fair/ Ventura, Berlin, October 2011

Nacho Carbonell - Design Studio, Internship, Eindhoven April - July 2011

eX99 Joachim Eckhardt - Metal and Wood Workshop Internship, Cologne August - December 2010

Kwangho Lee - Designer's Assistant for Production of Pieces and Exhibition Setup "Lifelike Design" Design September Brussels 2010, Presented by Victor Hunt Designart Dealer at Hunting and Collecting Select Store

Victor Hunt - Assistant and Communication Jobs, Pressfile, Newsletter and Exhibition Catalogue for "Lifelike Design" Exhibition with Kwangho Lee during Design September Brussels 2010 and website

Maarten de Ceulaer - Design Studio, Internship, Brussels July 2010

Raphael Charles - Design Studio, Internship, Brussels May - June 2010

Kjubh Kunstverein "Collaboration" - Art Intervention Project, Cologne 2008/09

,simple GmbH - Concept, Design, Realisation, Internship, Cologne June 2007


2011 Dutch Design Week 2011. Presenting Prototypes of the "Cloudlight" series within the Atelier Dorp group exhibition " In Between ", Eindhoven


All illustration and photography by Leon Laskowski.

Contact: mail/at/

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